Offering modern solutions in the field of Human Resource Management to support corporate efficiency from the perspective of the workforce.

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Available services to ensure optimal daily operation:

  • Corporate Support Solutions
  • Services tailored for leaders
  • Support solutions designed for employees of smaller/larger groups

Consultation for Leaders

We provide unlimited consultations by phone for any difficult employee behaviour or performance issues. During the consultations, we help managers to choose the most appropriate solution for dealing with harassed or problematic employees, and to be able to resolve negative situations in a respectful and responsible manner.

Manager/Supervisor Training

Our success in further training is shown by the fact that managers increasingly recommend our EAP program to their subordinates who are struggling or at risk, and they increasingly recognize the need for it.

Consultation for crisis management

In case of a serious workplace event (e.g. accident, on-site trauma, emergency events, etc.), one of our leading employees will work directly with the management afterwards (within 72 hours) to improve their response capability. These would include:
  • We organize the internal communication and publish announcements for the employees.
  • Map out what help family members need.
  • On the plant premises we manage the stress caused by the crisis situation among the employees; we hold a group briefing on the crisis situation; and
  • Following our intervention, we make recommendations on how the affected group of employees could process the case.

Education workshops

We offer workshops on various organizational and behavioral health topics. The content and title of a given workshop depends on the target group, the objectives of the training-seeking company and other special requests. Our services are always tailored to individual needs. Some of our previous workshops:
  • Workplace violence
  • Effective Child-Rearing
  • Stress tolerance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Use of Psychoactive Substances at Workplace
  • Team building
  • The balance between work and private life
  • How do we manage organizational change?

Organizational Consultation

CGP Central Europe provides tailored consultation assistance to its clients in order to further develop their human resources, taking into account specific behavioural or organizational health issues that may arise in the workplace. Examples of these include:
  • Improving the corporate policies regarding the use of psychoactive substances.
  • Leading employee groups or listing occupational stress.
  • Development of a plan to prevent workplace violence.
  • Facilitating Team Development Strategy.
  • Processing critical problems during a period of downsizing.

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

This survey identifies and evaluates known organizational psychosocial risk factors that may negatively affect the health and wellbeing of employees. The survey covers the following areas:
  • Demography
  • Satisfaction with the psychosocial quality of the workplace environment.
  • Regaining control over life events
  • The extent of personal control over the workplace environment.
  • The degree of trust, the assessment of the relationship with the company, generally depends on the direct superior's opinion.
  • Maintaining the balance between work and personal life.
  • The symptoms of stage fright, the quality of comfort.
  • The occurrence of physical symptoms
  • Mapping of Psychological Attitudes
  • Questions related to lifestyle
  • The form and proportion of workplace harassment.


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